Intel i3-8121U Cannon Lake Intel 10 nm FinFET Process Advanced CMOS Essentials - Part 1

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The Advanced CMOS Essentials (ACE) deliverable for logic microprocessor chips with FinFETs comprises a concise analyst’s summary document highlighting observed critical dimensions and salient features supported by the following image folders:
  • Downstream product teardown
  • Package X-rays, top metal and poly die photographs, non-invasive optical photos of die features
  • Transmission (TEM) and (SEM) bevel through the logic region and SRAM
  • TEM and SEM cross section of the general device structure, back end of line (BEOL) (metals, dielectrics) and front end of line (FEOL) structures
The results of TEM-EDS and EELS analyses are included in the ACE summary document. The ACE deliverable provides timely competitive benchmarking information and enables cost-effective tracking of technical innovation across a breadth of competitors.
  • Two TEM cross sections, orthogonal to the transistor gate fingers and fins showing the lower metals and dielectrics, transistor gates (NMOS and PMOS), fins, isolation, and other FEOL features.
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