TechInsights Acquires The Linley Group to Further Expand Its Platform of Semiconductor Content


OTTAWA, ON, October 14, 2021 - TechInsights Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of The Linley Group, Inc., an industry-leading source for independent technology analysis of the latest microprocessors and other semiconductors. The Linley Group provides hardware architecture analysis, commentary and opinions on target applications, comparisons with similar products and analysis of market opportunity.

"We have collaborated with The Linley Group many times over the years," said Gavin Carter, CEO of TechInsights. "Our offerings are well aligned, and The Linley Group’s microprocessor architecture commentary is complementary to the in-depth technical analysis of microprocessors from TechInsights. The addition of The Linley Group reports to the TechInsights platform will result in a richer set of content for our clients, particularly for those with interest in microprocessors."

The Linley Group has been publishing their award-winning Microprocessor Report, the leading industry newsletter, for more than 30 years. The report is subscription-based and targeted at microprocessor manufacturers, designers and OEMs incorporating advanced microprocessors into their product designs. Additionally, the company hosts Linley Processor Conferences each year that draw thousands of people from around the world.

"Both TechInsights and The Linley Group are very well respected and longstanding analysis organizations in the semiconductor industry," said Linley Gwennap, President and Principal Analyst of The Linley Group, "and we look forward to combining the expertise of the two teams to create even more comprehensive coverage of our market, enabled by the TechInsights Platform."


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Based in Silicon Valley, The Linley Group is the industry's leading source for independent technology analysis of semiconductors for a broad range of applications including AI, networking, communications, data center, and embedded. The company provides in-depth analytical report subscriptions and conferences focused on advanced technologies for chip and system design. The Linley Group is the publisher of the noted Microprocessor Report, a weekly publication.


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