TechInsights has been executing a business continuity plan since early February. As a global business, we first took measures in Asia and quickly cascaded those measures to our European and North American offices.

My responsibilities are in this order 1) my colleagues and 2) our customers. Our business continuity plans are strong as a result of our pending ISO127001 certification. We are very well positioned to take care of both of those responsibilities.

Our engineering operations are split between laboratories in Ottawa, Canada, and Warsaw, Poland. Engineering operations continue as before. All of our workforce is practicing strong social distancing. The majority of our workforce is working remotely with very high productivity levels. A 3 shift, 7 day a week schedule is now in place to continue physical chip preparation and delaying as well as machine operations. In the short term, these shifts have extended our engineering capacity to make sure there is no backlog of content creation in support of both our subscription products and custom projects.

Our primary laboratory is in Ottawa. As the capital of Canada, it is very well prepared and as of today, there are fewer than 20 reported cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa. Although there is, of course, no room for complacency and the city is actively engaged in measures to combat the spread of COVID-19.

In Asia, I am pleased to say things seem to be bouncing back quite quickly. Many people continue to work from home, but business activity is quickly picking up. In just the last week, we have taken many orders from our Asian based customers. I suspect the same will be the case in North America in the coming weeks. Our market is technologically advanced and well-positioned to carry on business as usual. Consumer demand will be greatly weakened, but the opportunities for semiconductor deployment and the need for technical innovation will quite likely be greater than before.

Over the past two weeks I have witnessed firsthand the steadfast dedication and willingness of my colleagues to deliver like never before. We exist to support a fair marketplace where semiconductor and electronics intellectual property can be innovated and monetized. We understand our role in the semiconductor market. You can rely on us like never before to stand and deliver.

Thank you for your continued support. I will be sure to keep you updated in the event our operating environment changes.


Gavin Carter
Chief Executive Officer

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