Mobile World Congress Video Series: Previewing MWC 2024

Predicting Future Trends in Mobile Semiconductors, Telecom, and Connected Industries

Mobile World Congress Video Series

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the premier global tradeshow in the mobile industry, encompassing everything from smartphones and wearables to IoT devices, modules, RF components. And connected accessories. This influential event revolves around key themes such as 5G transformation, the path to 6G, cloud and edge computing, IoT advancements, smart cities, the metaverse, and the next frontier of AI.

MWC serves as a pivotal moment, setting the trajectory for investments in the mobile world throughout the year for both consumers and businesses. It's a global tech-fest where stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem come together to showcase innovations and engage in discussions about the future of connectivity. Participants include representatives from mobile network operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, government officials, tech enthusiasts and related companies worldwide.

This dynamic platform is where major companies unveil their latest devices, technologies, and services spanning diverse areas such as 5G, AI, Metaverse, mobile apps, and more. Our leading market and consumer research analysts will be conducting business meetings, moderating conference sessions, attending briefings and providing media interviews. We look forward to connecting with you at MWC and invite you to reach out to us to schedule a meeting with our analysts on the show floor.

Mobile World Congress 2024: Post-show videos

MWC Post Video Series Part 1

MWC Post Show Video 1: Insights from Mobile World Congress 2024

Join TechInsights MWC attending analysts as they reflect on some of the biggest surprises and takeaways from the event and discuss which of their pre-show predictions rang true.

MWC Post Video Series Part 2

MWC Post Show Video 2: PC Sustainability, Automotive Connectivity, and AI Innovation

Learn about the pivotal technology trends our analysts observed at MWC 2024, covering sustainability in the PC market, the significance of automotive connectivity, the future of AI in the mobile sector, and more.

TechInsights launched a 6-part video series delivering insightful predictions on what we can expect to see across the mobile semiconductor, telecom, connected industries, smartphones and wearables sectors at MWC presented by TechInsights’ leading analysts.

MWC Video Series Part 1: MWC 2024 Mobile Semiconductors Outlook

MWC Video Series Part 1: Mobile Semiconductors Outlook

As 5G approaches the middle of its technology cycle [and with 6G yet undefined and still several years away], what types of network evolution or advancements are in store for mobile devices?

MWC Video Series Part 2: MWC 2024 Telecoms Outlook

MWC Video Series Part 2: Telecoms Outlook

Our analysts will discuss the hot topics likely to dominate discussion at this year’s big event and the true potential and impact of AI in both technologies and services in telcos.

MWC Video Series Part 3: MWC 2024 Connected Industries Outlook

MWC Video Series Part 3: Connected Industries Outlook

This year, there will be a space at MWC for connected industries, which is a dedicated area for a huge range of connected businesses and organizations - from health to hospitality, mining to maritime, aviation to agriculture. Our analysts will discuss what industries they expect will be pushing to accelerate the next wave of industry transformation. As digital transformation brings more automation, speed, sustainability and safety to new sectors, they will also cover what the implications are for the semiconductor industry.

MWC Video Series Part 4: Mobile Computing Outlook

MWC Video Series Part 4: Mobile Computing Outlook

Join David Watkins and Eric Smith as they present their predictions for mobile computing at Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona. They will discuss their expectations on new laptop and tablet hardware announcements, practical applications for Generative AI for computing productivity, what role carriers will play in connected computing device solutions, and how rapid advancements in silicon chip design is ushering in a new era of AI computing.

MWC Video Series Part 5: Automotive Outlook

MWC Video Series Part 5: Automotive Outlook

The wireless industry has tended to treat connected cars as simply another category of IoT. With the onset of 5G the reality has kicked in that cars are a unique use case demanding potentially large volumes of bandwidth and connectivity between vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructure. Additionally, eSIMs have opened up new business models and opportunities. MWC is the ideal venue for discussing these applications and potential partnerships.

MWC Video Series Part 6: Smartphones & Wearables Outlook

MWC Video Series Part 6: Smartphones & Wearables Outlook

2024 is the Year of the AI smartphone. Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, Android and others are bringing a fresh wave of 5G models packed with artificial intelligence features to MWC and beyond. We predict the hot AI techs that you need to lookout for this year. We also check-in on the progress of emerging wearables, such as Apple Vision Pro and other VR-AR products.

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