Leading TechInsights' Analysts Going to MWC 2024

Leading TechInsights' Analysts Going to MWC 2024

Joining the lineup at MWC 2024, TechInsights' premier analysts in Consumer Electronics, Automotive, and Mobile are set to make their mark.


Wayne Lam

Wayne Lam:
Service Director, Mobile Semiconductors

As the Service Director of Mobile Semiconductors, Wayne Lam has over a decade of experience covering the consumer electronic, smartphone, and device manufacturing industry. He is a skilled analyst in mobile technologies, mobile applications and development platforms, market research and forecasting, competitive intelligence, cost analysis, business development, and big-data analytics. He enjoys the process of identifying and uncovering insights that can help a client breakthrough in their understanding of a specific piece of the market or technology.

Wayne’s background in engineering and experience working in semiconductor fabrication provides a unique point of view that allows him the perspective necessary for deciphering whether a new technology can scale or fail. This expertise has made him a sought-after technology pundit frequently featured on a variety of major outlets. He’s fascinated by the fundamental market forces behind the progress and promise of technology and has an appreciation for the innovations driving future technologies, specifically the ability of wireless advancements to consistently redefine how we work and live.

Eric Balossier

Eric Balossier:
Lead Semiconductor Market Analyst

Eric is the lead analyst for processors and logic within the semiconductor market analysis group. His main areas of interest are processors, accelerated computing, communication, and SoCs (System on Chip). His research spans all end-market verticals. He works closely with end-market analysts and reverse engineering to decipher the trends in processing architectures and digital semiconductor market transformations.

Eric is a semiconductor industry veteran with experience in R&D for mobile and consumer computing platforms with STMicroelectronics and the International Semiconductor Development Alliance. He has been a market analyst for the last 15 years with STMicroelectronics corporate strategy, start-ups, and a technology-oriented asset manager in Geneva, where he recently led the scientific research with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, composable infrastructure, and accelerated computing – managing a team of analysts addressing cleantech, EVs, and MedTech.

Eric earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the Geneva School of Economics and Management at the University of Geneva, a Master of Engineering in Microelectronics from CentraleSupélec, and a Master of Physics and Nanoscience from the University Paris-Saclay.

Waseem Haider

Waseem Haider:
Principal Analyst, IoT & Enterprise Research

Waseem Haider joins TechInsights’ Telecom Strategies Group as a Principal Analyst for IoT & Enterprise Research, with over 17 years of experience working in the technology and telecom industries. In his research Waseem focuses on IoT, IIoT, and Industry 4.0 domain, along with emerging technologies and vertical markets tied to the semiconductor industry. In a short time, his research, analysis, and data forecasts have already proven critical for successful strategic planning, product and technology roadmaps, and GTM strategy.

Prior to joining TechInsights Waseem worked for boutique analyst firms MTN Consulting and Dataxis covering telecom and technology markets. Before switching to other side of the table, Waseem worked for technology vendors Orga Systems GmbH (now Optiva) and Motorola Solutions in Strategy. and Market/Competitive Intelligence. Waseem is based in Berlin, Germany and holds an MBA in Strategy & Finance from Berlin School of Economics and Law. He is fluent in Hindi, German and English. An avid reader and mentor, Waseem also teaches Digital Transformation (DX), as a visiting lecturer at Gisma University of Applied Sciences.

David Watkins

David Watkins:
Vice President, Consumer Electronics

In his role as Vice President of Consumer Electronics, David Watkins manages a team of analysts that cover the consumer electronics end-device markets. They provide timely market tracking services and detailed forecasts to help clients benchmark their performance, understand future demand levels, and adjust their production schedules accordingly. His work is critical in understanding the impacts of semiconductors on technology and in predicting what the future device landscape may look like.

David has a strong analytical background and a natural curiosity for how technology can be used for the positive enhancement of human experiences. He enjoys developing new, innovative research programs and working with clients to ensure that they are getting as much value from the research as possible. He is responsible for setting the research agenda across the group and for developing new syndicated research programs which extend TechInsights leadership in the consumer electronics industry.

Previously David spent more than 7 years at Futuresource Consulting as lead analyst within the Consumer Electronics group. During that time, he built relationships with industry contacts spanning the entire entertainment value-chain, including the leading Hollywood studios, broadcasters, CE manufacturers, and semiconductor and component companies.

Yiwen Wu

Yiwen Wu: Associate Research Director

Yiwen Wu is an Associate Research Director at TechInsights with over 10 years of extensive experience in the technology industry. Yiwen has a reputation for being a driving force in the production of consistent, high-quality smartphone and syndicated research deliverables which have created new opportunities for vendors. She enjoys exploring the evolution of technology and generating insights on how that evolution changes the industry. Her contributions have played a key role in managing and engaging clients while she develops strategic industry connections across multiple OEMs.

In a previous role, Yiwen worked as a Senior Analyst of the Devices Team at Strategy Analytics where she was responsible for researching, forecasting, and analysing emerging technologies and the key issues that will reshape the future smartphone markets on a global scale. Before joining TechInsights, she worked as a Business Development Manager at Microsoft Mobile and Nokia, where she managed various projects for senior executives to drive innovation and business transformation with support from R&D, design, sales, finance, and legal teams.

Ms. Wu holds a master's degree in finance from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and a master's degree in Strategy from the Business School of Aalto University in Finland.

Roger Lanctot

Roger Lanctot:
Director of Automotive Connected Mobility

Within TechInsights Global Automotive Practice, Director of Automotive Connected Mobility, Roger Lanctot is best known as the what’s-next guy in connected car technology and safety. He is a strong proponent of the semiconductors role in changing the automotive industry for the better. Like a bloodhound tracking a scent, Roger enjoys chasing down the newest technologies, regulations, and hidden competitors lurking around the corner.


In his day-to-day, Roger is responsible for guiding TechInsights research into emerging mobility markets encompassing ride hailing, car sharing, micro-mobility, mobility-as-a-service, and vehicle subscriptions. Roger has a unique appreciation for semiconductors; recognizing that semiconductors are part of everyday life, a part of everything we do and see—though we may not always see them. His work combines primary and secondary research into user experiences, adoption rates, regulatory issues, and business models.

Roger brings with him over 25-years history in market research, consulting, and journalism in the electronics industry. He has a high-level of proficiency in customer service, routinely identifying new research services to help existing clients while establishing thought leadership in a variety of market sectors. As recognition for his efforts, Roger was chosen to be a member of the TU-Automotive Hall of Fame.

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