Looking for EoU to support Circuit patents?

Easily study circuit hierarchy and analyze layout using CircuitVision™

If you are supporting circuit patents, navigating PDF schematics can be painfully slow. If you are interested in a superior solution allowing you the speed you need to achieve your IP goals, consider purchasing the CircuitVision™ version of our Circuit Analysis Reports. CircuitVision™ features a powerful interface, allowing you to easily study circuit hierarchy and analyze layout through schematics or multilayer metallization including search, index and trace signals functionality.

Hierarchical schematics demonstrate the design from the block down to gate level - all linked to the original layout, showing the extracted gates and associated interconnects.

CircuitVision™ reports feature:

  • Ability to quickly ascend and descend the circuit hierarchy
  • signal tracing through layout and schematics without losing the point of reference
  • fully reconstructed metallization with associated signal names
  • annotation of all active devices – gates, transistors, passives

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