SpecTrax Lite

No longer spend hours manually collecting specification data and monitoring product launches.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Mobile Device Specifications and Pricing

SpecTrax Lite is a tool that offers clients consolidated mobile device specifications in a ready-to-analyze format, updated weekly. It tracks top-level retail pricing data for over 50 countries and is the most complete unpaid repository of mobile device specifications and availability in the market.

SpecTrax Lite contains structured and consistent specification profiles for smartphones, tablets, featurephones, and wearables with weekly retailer-level availability tracking. Data from multiple, trusted sources are gathered and cleansed to create ready-to-analyze specification profiles.

There are currently over 50,000 model variants from more than 850 brands in SpecTrax Lite, with 200+ new IDs added each month.

Say goodbye to manual data collection and product monitoring and effortlessly elevate your mobile device market intelligence.

Empower Your Business with SpecTrax Lite

Monitor, Track, Analyze, and Stay Ahead of the Competition
  • Monitor technologies and average retail price
  • Track how your products stack up against your competitors’
  • Track licensed technologies by model by country
  • Gain insight into competitor portfolios
  • Identify brand partnerships
  • Identify shelf-share of product in market or target markets
  • Track multiple mobile device capabilities, including for software development, installed apps, product types, processor speed, RAM, and display sizes and aspect ratios
  • Understand the market dynamics for product availability
  • Identify test products
  • Track mobile technologies brought into vehicles and their design considerations and compatibilities
  • See historic models and specification availability for infringement cases
  • And much more

Quality Data You Can Count On

Monitor, Track, Analyze, and Stay Ahead of the Competition

SpecTrax Lite profiles are compiled by experienced researchers who understand the data. Our researchers use a hierarchical list of trusted online sources, prioritizing manufacturer published specifications over third parties. SpecTrax Lite automated availability tracking includes a synthetic intelligence step to ensure the correct SpecTrax IDs are assigned to the weekly availability feeds.

Manual quality control (QC) is built into model profiling through two approval stages before publication. Once models have been profiled and matched to availability (and pricing), automated checks run to compare new and existing data. Once checked, accurate data is released.

TechInsights uses a mix of automated and manual checks to maintain quality while delivering the huge volume of data behind SpecTrax Lite.

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Whether you're interested in the latest products, technologies, or country-level availability, SpecTrax Lite offers invaluable insights.

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