Consulting Services

Consulting Services

TechInsights offers consulting services tailored to the specific needs of each client. We cover emerging areas such as processors for wireless and mobile applications, Gigabit and 10G Ethernet, high-speed interconnects, high-speed embedded processors, security processors, accelerators, communications chips, network processors, access processors, broadband interface chips, and much more.

We help clients understand the market for these devices, the strategies of the vendors, key differentiators for each product, and how to select the right device or product positioning for a specific application.

Typical consulting engagements include the following:

  • Providing technical due diligence and key insights to investment firms evaluating whether to invest in a semiconductor company
  • Helping established semiconductor vendors with competitive analysis, messaging, and positioning for upcoming product launches
  • Providing an independent industry analyst viewpoint for customer roadshows
  • Working with young companies to help direct their initial product definitions to best differentiate from potential future competitors
  • Assisting equipment vendors to identify the core silicon most appropriate for their applications
  • Creating custom white papers to analyze specific products or technologies

Industry Expertise

We possess a unique combination of technical expertise and specific market knowledge in networking silicon and semiconductors for mobile and wireless. Our experts not only have a deep understanding of the key technologies in these markets but they also understand that market success is based as much on business strategy as on technical excellence. Each analyst has broad experience in product design, marketing, management, and industry analysis to bring a real-world perspective to your issues.

Our recommendations are always steeped in the realities of the marketplace—not vendor hype. We understand the dynamics of start-ups and large corporations alike and can provide the appropriate messaging and positioning to each client's situation.


Available Processor Market Analysis

Chip Market Research


This industry-leading weekly journal covers new Microprocessors and SoCs, providing insight into their target application and market, and differentiation from their competitive products. This will expand your access to more of the information you need to compete globally and enhance your ability to make fact-based decisions that will impact your business faster and more effectively.

Semiconductor Analytics

Guides & forecasts

Our Guides provide an overview of a particular market segment, including market size, technology trends, and expected developments. We analyze all announced products in that segment, compare key technical features, performance, and architecture then highlight strengths and weaknesses.

Our experts possess the unique combination of technical expertise and specific market knowledge to help you successfully navigate the complexities of these markets. With broad backgrounds in product design, marketing, management, and industry analysis, we deliver informed, real-world perspectives to your issues.

We deliver the crucial information necessary to make intelligent business decisions.

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