Component Price Landscape

The Component Price Landscape (CPL) is a service that provides manufacturer part number (MPN)-level benchmark and forecast pricing for 51,000+ MPNs, representing over 247,000 form, fit, function (FFF) MPN equivalents. The MPNs in CPL are high-volume, multi-sourced commodity electronic components, such as diodes, transistors, MLCCs, inductors, fuses etc, that are used across all electronic devices.

Two types of price points are provided within CPL:

  • Global contract sourcing pricing data comes from "real" contract purchasers of components
  • Franchise distributor pricing representing the “lowest” price found from searchable leading distributors

Category Managers, Commodity Managers and Supply Chain Managers across many industries use CPL to provide a unique and valuable perspective for determining:

  • Pricing trends – to determine when to and when not to make component purchases
  • Lead-time trends – to have greater visibility on supply availability and pending shortages


  • Four-quarter historical pricing
  • Four-quarter price forecast
  • 228 part type categories (Click here for part type coverage)
  • 51,000+ manufacturer part numbers
  • Represents 247,000+ form, fit, or function manufacturer part numbers
  • Pricing represents global contract sourcing and lowest distributor prices.
  • Rolling 12 month High/Low distributor price per MPN displayed as well.
  • Lead-time and supplier flexibility at part-type level
  • Annual subscription includes 4 calendar quarter updates (January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1)

Providing maximum pricing and trend coverage from an exact MPN, to FFF, to Part Group...CPL can provide the best part coverage.


Key Issues Addressed

  • Are my component costs in line with current and forecast benchmark pricing?
  • What are the benchmarking price trends over time at a commodity level?
  • I need an efficient way to benchmark my components are within the range of the lowest Distributor price and contract benchmark price?

Who uses CPL?

  • Commodity Managers/Directors for electrical engineering components
  • Category Managers/Directors for electrical engineering components
  • Supply Chain Managers/Directors for electrical engineering components