UNIC Memory UNMEN05G21E31BS YMTC 64L 3D NAND Memory Floorplan Analysis

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UNIC Memory
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NAND Flash
Memory - NAND & DRAM
Memory - NAND Functional Analysis
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This report presents a Memory Floorplan Analysis of the YMTC Y01-08 found inside UNIC Memory UNMEN05G21E31BS. The UNMEN05G21E31BS was extracted from the UNIC Memory S1-C new generation security USB flash drive. This is the first 3D Xtacking™ NAND device from YMTC, featuring 64L active word lines with 73 gates in total for a NAND string, and wafer-to-wafer bonding technology used to connect periphery circuits and memory array.

This report contains the following detailed information:
  • Selected teardown photographs, package photographs, package X-rays, die markings, and die photographs
  • SEM cross-sectional micrographs of the general structure of the die dielectric materials, major features, and transistors
  • Plan-view SEM micrograph of the die delayered to the WL and BL layers
  • Measurements of vertical and horizontal dimensions of major microstructural features
  • Plan-view optical micrograph of the die delayered to the polysilicon layer
  • Identification of major functional blocks on a polysilicon die photograph
  • Table of functional block sizes and percentage die utilization
  • High-resolution top metal and polysilicon die photographs delivered in CircuitVision software
  • Cost of die and tested packaged die, based on the manufacturing cost analysis of the observed process
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