Automotive Teardown Subscription

TechInsights Automotive Teardown Subscription

Confidently design and manufacture cost-effective automotive grade products faster and cheaper than any of your competitors.

TechInsights’ Automotive Teardown subscription gives you the latest competitive intelligence on cutting-edge LiDAR, ADAS, camera, infotainment, and audio amplifier modules.

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TechInsights Automotive Teardown Subscription

Automotive technology is experiencing significant innovation

Driven by the move towards battery electric vehicles (BEV) and the rapid improvements in automated driving (AD), the fast pace of innovation poses a risk for those trapped in the prototyping stage as what was once considered new can quickly become irrelevant or outdated. Making impactful business decisions towards mass production necessitates a combined technical, market, costing and supply chain perspective. A complete picture driving business decisions focused on growth, overtaking a competitor, increasing revenue, tackling a new market, amongst other business priorities is a pivotal advantage. However, access to current, relevant and high-quality information is easier said than done.

Many leading Automotive manufacturers, Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers, Robotics companies, LiDAR manufacturers and Semiconductor companies leverage TechInsights to inform their engineering efforts and technology strategy. We offer our platform subscribers unmatched competitive technical intelligence across an expanding library of ADAS controllers, cameras, LiDAR, infotainment, and audio amplifier devices.

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Chevy Bolt Recall: A Battery of Problems

Using our comprehensive analysis of the Chevy Bolt, TechInsights discusses the technological and chemical aspects that led to this widespread vehicle recall.


Teardown Channels

The following channels include system block diagrams, PCB board & component images, package images & x-rays, die images with markings and a bill of materials:

  • ADAS Controller Teardown
  • Camera Teardown
  • Infotainment Teardown
  • LiDAR Teardown
  • Audio Amplifier Teardown

Design, Material & Teardown Assembly Channel

This channel provides detailed data on design, material, and assembly data to help OEMs understand how the module addresses automotive requirements such as optical path, weight and size, thermal management, power management, hermetic sealing, shock and vibration. Provides detailed teardown photos and annotations describing assembly techniques, material function, material composition, IC selection and mechanical features.

Automotive IC Design Win Database

This subscription provides access to design wins from 500+ automotive products from 25+ tier 1 suppliers and 10 OEMs.

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