By 2024, the consumer market is expected to reach $1.5 trillion in revenue. The introduction of the IoT combined with the trend toward automation and smart electronics has led to consumers buying connected electronics at an almost exponential rate. TechInsights actively explores the largest consumer electronics markets to:

  • Understand what products are shipping in the developed and emerging markets
  • Determine how much these consumer devices cost to produce
  • Understand who is winning what sockets with what devices
  • Find innovative & disruptive semiconductor events

Every year, we tear down and analyze 750+ products, catalogue 6,500+ components, and analyze 2,000+ semiconductor chips per year. We examine a broad range of devices in the consumer electronics space, including memory / data storage, microprocessors / controllers, wireless RF, analog, antennas, power management, sensors, batteries, displays, software / firmware, and more.  Our in-house laboratory facilities are world class, allowing us to provide unparalleled analytical services.  The insights we gain from our analysis allows us to support our two key customer bases:

Technology Professionals

We help decision makers in semiconductor, system, financial, and communication service provider companies:

  • Discover what products are winning in the highest-growth markets and why
  • Spot or anticipate disruptive events, including the entrance of new players
  • Understand state-of-the-art technology through independent, objective analysis
  • Make better, faster product decisions with greater confidence
  • Understand product costs and bill of materials

Intellectual Property Professionals

We help IP Professionals in global technology companies, licensing entities and legal firms to:

  • Build higher quality, more effective patents
  • Identify patents of value and gather evidence of use to demonstrate this value
  • Obtain accurate data for planning a potential defensive strategy or assertion case
  • Make better portfolio management decisions to invest, abandon, acquire or divest
  • Understand their competition, identify strategic partners, acquisition targets and business threats