The display market is expected to grow from 137.7 billion in 2019 to 167.7 billion USD in 2024. Display products include smartphones, wearables, TVs, automotive and signage, and can be categorized into LCD and OLED, with the fundamental difference being that for OLED each pixel provides its own illumination, while all of the pixels in an LCD are illuminated by an LED backlight. That difference leads many picture quality effects, increasingly favoring displays.

In recent years OLED technology has emerged as the leading smartphone display technology, and the world's most popular phone vendors are all shipping AMOLED smartphones. In 2018, over 500 million AMOLED screens were produced - mostly to satisfy demand from mobile phone vendors. The total OLED market, including smartphone, TV, automotive, etc., is forecast to be worth 48.81 billion USD by 2023.

TechInsights tears down hundreds of electronics with displays of an LCD and OLED variety in mobile phones, wearables, handheld game consoles, laptops, TVs etc., and in doing so we provide design win and costing data, and the ability to further analyze not only displays themselves, but the ICs that support them such and the OLED or LCD Drivers and Display Power Management IC.s This analysis ranges from teardown and costing, functional and design elements, structural and circuit analysis.

TechInsights has been licensing technology analysis for nearly 30 years, enabling our customers to advance their intellectual property and product strategies.