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TechInsights’ Logic subscription gives you detailed coverage and analysis of major events across a variety of manufacturers. Our data helps you plot the right development course and produce best-in-class products.

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TechInsights Logic Subscription

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SMIC 7nm tech found in MinerVa Bitcoin Miner

Development highlights China’s growing local options in response to international sanctions

Process & Advanced Packaging

Understand all aspects of advanced logic technologies, gain visibility into the competition’s historical – and anticipated – approach, and make better next-node technology choices.

Process Flows

(Requires a subscription to Process & Advanced Packaging)

Enhance your Advanced Process & Packaging subscription with Process Flow Analysis (PFA), Process Flow Full Emulation (PFF), and more.

Transistor Characterization

See the complete picture of process technology and DC performance. Understand the process, see the performance, spot the trends.

SoC Design Analysis

Focused on high volume first-to-market SoCs on leading fabless / foundry combinations, this subscription provides standard cell analysis and layout analysis on multiple areas of leading-edge SoCs.

Digital Floorplan Analysis

A high-level view of SoC design quality, focusing on leading-edge APU, CPU, GPU, AI accelerator, FPGA, baseband / connectivity, VPU, advanced MCU components, plus emerging applications such as AR and vision processing SoCs.

Transistor Architecture Comparison

10 reports, ~5 reports refreshed annually, studying the last 3 technology generations by company and across companies: TSMC, Samsung, Intel.


(Requires a subscription to Digital Floorplan Analysis or Process Flow Analysis)

Provides tools with which to query TechInsights data, conduct independent analysis, perform comparisons, and create visualizations using data from multiple channels within the Logic vertical. Data is aggregated from reports within the Digital Floorplan or Process Flow Analysis channel to enable customers to create their own analysis and curation.

Standard Cell GDS Library Analysis

GDS layout extraction of key standard cells used in multiple areas of the leading-edge SoCs , focused on high volume first-to-market SoCs on leading fabless/foundry combinations. 16-20 standard cells extracted, schematics and GDS layout showing local routing . Image sets delivered as pdf report and GDSII files for each cell.

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