Mobile Subscriptions

Mobile Subscriptions

How will the current global economic, political, and social instability affect the demand for mobile devices, services, and content?

With almost six billion users and a market worth $1.6 billion annually, the mobile market is mature. As smartphones and wearables shift to replacement markets, what will drive sales? Which technologies will become essential? Which brands will thrive while others may fade away?

With TechInsights Mobile, learn what market factors are propelling supply chain dynamics and get insight into competitor design and production strategies as well as consumer buying behaviors.

Mobile Subscriptions


To make confident assumptions, you need deep granular tracking, analysis, and forecasts you can rely on.


The Mobile Advantage

TechInsights Mobile provides users with a comprehensive, data-driven assessment of this increasingly dynamic industry. Our market and technical analyses provide fresh data on emerging trends and insights into the technologies that are critical for the future of business as well as the brands that can be relied upon to deliver cutting-edge innovations that satisfy your evolving competitive needs. Discover where your product fits in the market, how formidable industry players are positioning themselves to succeed across segments, and why TechInsights solutions are crucial for the outlook of businesses operating in the mobile space.

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TechInsights’ predictive forecasts show how these products are expected to perform in the market as well as who is designing and constructing the chips necessary to power these devices. Identifying solutions for the challenges faced by your business is our top priority. Within Mobile, TechInsights’ areas of coverage include:

Wireless Smartphone Strategies offers comprehensive insights into the smartphone industry landscape and is a global handset and smartphone tracker by volume, value with price-tier, and value share/profitability. It also provides granular OEM forecasts for the next four quarters and country-level smartphone forecast data for the next five years.


Emerging Device Technologies delivers rapid shipment tracking and sales forecasting of 100+ key enabling technologies powering modern smartphones and emerging classes of new devices.


Smartphone Country Share Tracker provides timely, in-depth tracking of smartphone shipments and market share by country, operator, and global best-selling models.


Wearable Device Ecosystems gives users timely, detailed tracking of wearable device and AR/VR shipments, market share, pricing forecasts, price tiers, and technologies on a global, regional, and country basis for top-selling and emerging vendors.


Telecommunications and Networking

Telecom Strategies delivers first-to-market views into the telecom semiconductor value chain, Industry 4.0, future networks, edge platforms, and communication market trends. Users also get competitive intelligence and market sizing with forecasts across technologies and sectors driven by the growing demand for high-bandwidth, ultra-low-latency communication networks and services.


Specification and Pricing Database

SpecTrax and PriceTrax databases offer immediate access to our latest qualitative analysis and forecasts on mobile content. Get weekly updates on consumer electronics specifications and prices for accuracy across millions of data points.



Analyze Market Demand

Understand the market opportunity and where your product fits using our unrivaled knowledge and world-class data analysis techniques.


Understand Ecosystem Changes

Learn why particular competitors perform better in some segments compared to others, which operators are winning the 5G battle, who is positioned for 6G success, and what impacts changing distribution channel preferences could have on your go-to-market.


Examine Product Positioning

Inform your decision-making process with accurate and consistently delivered data. As trends fluctuate, make sure you are readily equipped with the deep repositories built by our team.


TechInsights’ Platform subscribers have access to comprehensive, granular data to independently verify their assumptions, so that they can make quick decisions to better compete in the marketplace. Our analysts are eager to evaluate your needs, assess market data and provide answers that our experts are confident in. Choose TechInsights Mobile to ensure the growth and prosperity of your business.

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