CircuitVision Analysis of Selected Blocks on the Raydium RM9216DFF LCD Source Driver

Product Code
Release Date
Product Item Code
Device Manufacturer
Raydium Semiconductor
Device Type
Video Driver IC
Report Code
This report provides a set of hierarchical schematics for the source driver path on the Raydium Semiconductor RM9216DFF LCD source driver. The circuit blocks extracted and analyzed for the report includes an the source driver path and voltage generation circuitry. The report contains a full set of schematics and annotated photographs divided into the following sections:
  • Architectural Overview
  • Source Driver Path
  • Voltage Generation
  • Major Findings
  • Standard Cells
  • Signal List
This report also includes layout data to allow the audience to cross-probe devices and signals of interest to allow visual correlations between the schematic and layout information for a deeper understanding of the circuit functionality and design.
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