• Patent Mining

  • Quickly and efficiently identify patents of value

    How can you find patents that address a specific product or technology?

    Are you able to consistently find additional patents to use to generate revenue?

    Patent mining with TechInsights can find high quality patents with the potential to make money through licensing or divestiture.

    An optimal blend of automation and in-person evaluation

    TechInsights’ patent mining service is a staged approach that prioritizes your patents. Specialized in-house patent and technology experts leverage our product and industry knowledge to identify your most valuable patents in the context of a specific IP strategy.

    Using a combination of commercial and proprietary tools, we efficiently sift through portfolios, sometimes containing thousands of patents, with the goal of finding a sufficient number of potentially valuable patents relevant to any given engagement before deploying technical analysts to assess the potential to detect use of the claimed invention.

    Tried and tested processes leveraging our experience proving patent value

    The heart and soul of the TechInsights’ approach is the ability to match patents to products and deliver evidence of use in high-revenue markets.

    We look at the technology used in commercially available products and match a patent, or groups of patents, to current and future high-revenue sectors at the market, company, and product levels.

    Our patent mining process is:

    Sort patents, for example by technology or market area

    Prioritize sets of patents relative to your goal to identify which ones to assess in detail and prioritize them

    Review by subject matter experts to provide an assessment of the patent’s suitability for your goals

    Top patent holders work with us

    Join them, by choosing TechInsights for patent mining and take advantage of:

    • Our reverse engineering and patent to product mapping experience
    • Our process and capacity to mine large portfolios efficiently for high value patents and deliver clear analysis and guidance
    • An optimal blend of automated and subject matter expert based sorting, ranking and reviewing
    • Access to the combined technical archives of TechInsights and Chipworks – an unmatched proprietary of technical analyses, images, test results and devices for identifying evidence of use

    “One of the main reasons for our ongoing work with TechInsights is the relationship. Our representative has a strong customer service approach along with technical depth, background and knowledge exemplifying everything that I value in a supplier relationship.”

    Senior Manager, IP Department

    “TechInsights was critical to our strategy, putting us in a strong position that led to successful licensing negotiations. At the end of the day, it’s about finding hits with our patents. That’s why we choose to work with TechInsights.”

    Intellectual Property Counsel

    Patent Portfolio Monetization: Key Considerations for Companies in 2018 and Beyond

    Companies worldwide consider Intellectual Property (IP) as one of their most valuable asset classes because of the substantial financial and strategic value that can be generated from IP monetization transactions and structures. However, determining the value of a patent portfolio has been a constant challenge for patent owners due to the increasing complexities in the IP environment.

    With the considerable amount of both opportunity and uncertainty in the backdrop, businesses need to put a robust patent portfolio management strategy in place to be able to maximize profits and mitigate future risks or losses.

    In this Webcast, a panel of distinguished professionals and thought leaders will help companies and patent owners understand the important aspects of this significant topic. They will provide an in-depth discussion of critical issues surrounding Patent Portfolio Monetization. Speakers will also offer best practices in improving patent quality and in developing and implementing effective portfolio monetization programs.

    Key topics include:

    • Current Patent Portfolio Monetization Trends
    • Risks and Pitfalls
    • Business, Legal and Other Considerations
    • Best Patent Valuation Practices
    • Impact of Recent Regulatory Developments

    Microsoft recently launched a new service to their cloud customers offering protection against patent infringement lawsuits. TechInsights was given early access to the patents being made available to Microsoft’s customers via the Azure IP Advantage program. We used our IP analytics capabilities to evaluate some important metrics of the portfolio and compare it to a selection of Microsoft’s leading competitors.

    What we looked at: