• Know your competition

  • Enabling fact-based IP decisions

    Licensing teams use TechInsights’ patent landscaping analysis to

    • uncover patents to purchase
    • understand where there may be in-licensing opportunities
    • evaluate relative strength or weakness of patent holdings and associated risks

    Landscape analysis enables patent prosecution teams to understand

    • white spaces and crowded areas to guide R&D investment
    • where the field of an invention is headed – and where it is not
    • how to optimize their patent strengthening programs

    Competitive intelligence professionals looking to protect their market share use our landscaping analysis to assess

    • the volume of IP that a product needs to navigate
    • their company’s competitive positioning
    • high quality IP investment opportunities

    Insights you can rely on

    IP teams and technology strategists trust TechInsights for their patent landscape and technology due diligence projects because of our

    • ability to analyze large datasets and portfolios
    • global and cross-industry view to patent filing and trends
    • data visualization and value mapping methodology
    • experience mapping business objectives, technology, patent claims and assignees

    Identify strategic partners, business threats and acquisition targets

    Due diligence solutions powered by TechInsights’ patent landscape services allow you to cost-effectively de-risk your corporate or patent acquisition programs.

    Quickly and efficiently identify patents to acquire, perform portfolio balance comparisons and understand a competitor’s position pre- and post-merger.