• IP Solutions

    Proving patent value

  • TechInsights helps patent owners develop, manage and use their patent portfolios to meet their business objectives.

    We apply a systematic approach to portfolio structure and patent analysis to identify assets with potential.

    The data generated by this process enables fact-based decision making with respect to patent filing, culling, buying, selling, and assertion strategies.

    Revealing the innovation that others can’t

    “We don’t give TechInsights the easy stuff. We give them the work we don’t have the capability to do internally. They helped us validate the potential of monetizing a group of systems patents that initially fell outside of our IP strategy. Now we see that we can derive licensing revenue outside of the semiconductor industry.”

    Director, IP Group

    Complement your internal team and extend your capabilities

    The breadth of our technical analysis capabilities combined with our patent knowledge and market understanding enables us to become a seamless extension of your team – providing custom solutions and high quality insights for patent analysis and competitive intelligence.

    IP insights built on a solid foundation of technology analysis

    What’s different about our IP solutions is that they use the most advanced in-house reverse engineering and technical analysis capabilities in the world; and draw from over a quarter-of-a-century of archived analysis and experience matching products to patents. We help our clients demonstrate patent value across a broad range of technologies.

    Our IP solutions allow you to

    identify patents of value and gather evidence of use to demonstrate this value

    understand your competition, identify strategic partners, acquisition targets and business threats

    build higher quality, more effective patents

    access TechInsights’ expertise to research, plan, and support your licensing efforts

    create a portfolio management to optimize your portfolio by evaluating portfolio coverage deficiencies and unnecessary surplus

    defend against patent assertion using prior art or non-infringement

    “Without TechInsights our case would have been much weaker. TechInsights provided credible third party analysis, which is what you need going into a litigation. Both my client and I were very pleased with the work.”

    Senior Partner, Patent Litigation

    Trusted patent and technology partner

    The largest and most successful IP owners in the world rely on our team of patent professionals and technical analysts.

    Our clients include 37 of the top 50 U.S. patent holders, who trust the insights we provide to find, evaluate, and fully leverage patents to support their business goals and protect their markets.

    Trust us to provide the information and analysis you to need to help you leverage your intellectual property and create new income for your business.

    Process and experience you can rely on

    • industry respected Evidence of Use
    • proven processes supported by our comprehensive technical library and industry expertise
    • robust chain of custody and rigorous conflict of interest policies
    • post-delivery support from the analysts who performed the analysis