Patent Transaction Services

Put your patent portfolio to work

TechInsights has experience internationally in structuring patent acquisition or divestiture transactions to achieve your portfolio development objectives.

Our Patent Transaction Services provide a gateway into our deep technical resources and patent monetization experience, with knowledgeable staff present in the major global technology centers.

We connect high quality portfolios with serious buyers and can find the patents buyers may need from among the many patent-holders world-wide we interface with daily.

Stand out with quality evidence of use

Documented evidence of use of a patented invention in a high revenue product area is essential to garnering interest and closing a transaction for any offered portfolio.

We use a patent-focused engineering team and the extensive technical analysis libraries of the merged TechInsights and Chipworks entities to identify high value patents and develop evidence of use increasing the likelihood of a successful transaction.

This EoU approach de-risks monetization programs and establishes patent value for acquisition.

Maximize your patent divestment returns

TechInsights’ Patent Transaction Services is uniquely equipped to address the challenges of finding a buyer for your offered patents.

Our international network of corporate and legal contacts and our proven platform and processes connect high quality portfolios with serious buyers.

We provide independent opinions on the utility of a seller’s patents; create a professional marketing package and online data room; and our engineering team develops evidence of use on a fee basis that clearly demonstrates the value of the portfolio to prospective buyers.

Uncover the value in your portfolio

The challenge of finding valuable areas in a portfolio for monetization is often beyond the experience and market awareness of the entity owning the patents.

TechInsights’ Patent Transaction Services is in touch with the patent transactions market every day and has a wealth of data regarding what buyers are seeking and the emerging technology areas that are of interest.

Locating the areas of value in a portfolio to optimize divestment returns is an objective TechInsights has helped many patent holders achieve. This has allowed them to create valuable offerings for the market.

Strengthen your portfolio through patent acquisition

When time is of the essence, bypass lengthy patent granting processes by purchasing quality third-party patents to quickly establish a strategic IP position.

Our patent acquisition due diligence services leverage patent landscaping and domain experts who use a blend of proprietary in-house and third party data analysis tools. We help you identify gaps in your portfolio to locating patents of value in the market.

We have access to a large pool of prequalified portfolios in a variety of technology domains and use proprietary search and patent match tools to quickly find what you need.

Supporting your patent acquisition process

When you are ready to purchase, TechInsights can support your acquisition need through our buy-side representation program.

We can proactively search for patents of interest to you, approach the owners based on our extensive network of contacts and even negotiate a purchase of patent assets on your behalf.

All patent acquisition work can be performed anonymously so that potential sellers are presented with a neutral acquisition offer independent of the scale and stature of our client.

The acquisition and closing can be managed so that assets are acquired into either the client’s organization or a patent holding entity.

M&A due diligence

Set yourself up for post-merger and acquisition success by doing thorough patent due diligence.

Evaluate the suitability for purchase of a company (or business unit) based on a comprehensive evaluation of its patent portfolio and comparison to your own holdings.

Portfolio overlay analysis can help you understand how well a portfolio or company you are considering acquiring fits into your strategic IP plan.

Identify the high value patents to be acquired, and double check that all the assets you require and expect are included in the M&A transaction.

Why do clients find our patent transaction services valuable?

TechInsights has been analyzing patents and technology for close to three decades.

Our ability to match technology to patent claims across a broad range of technologies makes us qualified to assist organizations looking to divest patent assets.

Further, TechInsights has staff located in all the major technology centers in America, Asia, Japan, and Europe. We know the territory, we speak the language, and the territory knows us.

Case Study

Patent acquisition due diligence – semiconductor processes & fab equipment

Our ability to match technology to patent claims across a broad range of technologies makes us qualified to assist organizations looking to divest patent assets.

a. Objective:

Determine if a portfolio of 2000 patents offered for sale contains patents which provide value in client’s upcoming licensing negotiations

b. Challenge:

Short deadline to make purchasing decision demanded time-efficient analysis

c. Solution:

i) use proprietary text mining tools to assign patents into specific technical groups
ii) use internal analysis to characterize processes and devices of the competitor
iii) prioritize patent groups based on relevancy to the competitor products
iv) assign domain experts to the highest priority groups to quickly prioritize the portfolio to focus only on promising patents
v) make final recommendation based on in-person reviews of no more than 25% of the offered patents