Proving patent value

Evidence of use is the foundation of our IP business; and it is critical to our clients’ success. We dig deep into currently manufactured technology components and systems so that we can help you:

Gather detailed evidence regarding the technology implemented in a product

Map patents to products

Establish a stronger position in licensing negotiations

Evaluate patents for acquisition or divestiture

Revealing the innovation inside

TechInsights’ in-house team of semiconductor, electronics and software engineers are positioned to support complex interdisciplinary projects and provide the answers you need.

We’ve invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art equipment and specialized engineering teams to enable analysis from the system to atom level.

Our archived technical analysis libraries and design win information products such as Inside Technology and help you cost-effectively uncover EoU.

For the challenging projects, our ability to combine capabilities under one roof means that we are able to unlock previously hard to support IP.

Analysis and documentation you can count on

TechInsights provides our clients with the information necessary to make quick, confident, fact-driven decisions to clearly demonstrate the value of their patents. Rely on us for our:

  • industry-respected claims analysis
  • robust chain of custody and rigorous conflict of interest policies
  • post-delivery support from the analysts who performed the investigation
  • 30+ years of successfully documenting evidence of use
  • extensive technical analysis libraries combining the assets of the merged TechInsights and Chipworks entities

5 key success factors high return licensing programs

Patent Portfolio Monetization: Key Considerations for Companies in 2018 and Beyond

Companies worldwide consider Intellectual Property (IP) as one of their most valuable asset classes because of the substantial financial and strategic value that can be generated from IP monetization transactions and structures. However, determining the value of a patent portfolio has been a constant challenge for patent owners due to the increasing complexities in the IP environment.

With the considerable amount of both opportunity and uncertainty in the backdrop, businesses need to put a robust patent portfolio management strategy in place to be able to maximize profits and mitigate future risks or losses.

In this Webcast, a panel of distinguished professionals and thought leaders will help companies and patent owners understand the important aspects of this significant topic. They will provide an in-depth discussion of critical issues surrounding Patent Portfolio Monetization. Speakers will also offer best practices in improving patent quality and in developing and implementing effective portfolio monetization programs.

Key topics include:

  • Current Patent Portfolio Monetization Trends
  • Risks and Pitfalls
  • Business, Legal and Other Considerations
  • Best Patent Valuation Practices
  • Impact of Recent Regulatory Developments

Patent Portfolio Monetization: Key Considerations for Companies in 2018 and Beyond

Trusted by leading technology companies

Our engineers understand and clearly demonstrate how elements in a patent claim map to particular technology.

We have the internal reverse engineering laboratories to support complex analysis and complement your team.

Our customized analysis approach with staged objectives make the most of your investment and manage project risk.

“Without TechInsights our case would have been much weaker. TechInsights provided credible third party analysis, which is what you need going in to a litigation. Both my client and I were very pleased with the work.” - Senior Partner, Patent Litigation

Sophisticated reverse engineering capabilities

Follow the links below for more information on specific capabilities, and examples of the types of analysis we can perform:

  • Process / Structural analysis
  • Circuit analysis
  • Systems analysis
  • Software analysis

“We don’t give TechInsights the easy stuff. We give them the work we don’t have the capability to do internally. They helped us validate the potential of monetizing a group of systems patents that initially fell outside of our IP strategy. Now we see that we can derive licensing revenue outside of the semiconductor industry.” - Director, IP Group

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