Semiconductor Market Expected to Double Over the Next Decade

Check out the current and future IC market, What devices are TechInsights' reverse engineering team analyzing? and future device technology roadmaps.

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Discover the Inaugural Analysis Reports on D1β DRAM and 232L QLC 3D NAND

Do you know? Apple iPhone 15 Pro can create over 113,000 metric tons of carbon emissions from its IC dies in just one quarter

IC components are everywhere, from our electric toothbrushes to our cars, and their combined carbon impact might be alarming. TechInsights BOM Database Carbon Emissions Modules provide critical IC die carbon emission calculations for subscribers—from semiconductor fabs, fabless IC manufacturers, device OEMs, life cycle analysts, and their customers—to quickly compare, analyze, and make fact-based decisions to support their sustainability goals.

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The Current IC Market and Outlook

  • The decline in the IC market was driven by memory, which experienced overstock due to demand triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Growth in consumer electronics revenues will spur an 11% growth in IC shipments and 17% growth in revenue in 2024 .
  • The recent AI boom shows that there is a huge demand for technologies that can accommodate AI, such as powerful GPUs and HBM. 2024 is the year generative AI comes to smartphones.
  • Continued growth in discrete, optoelectronics, and other logic combined with a double-digit percentage recovery in memory will drive 2024 to be a record year.
  • Memory investment is expected to decrease by 27% in 2023 and then increase by 10% in 2024, leading to a recovery.

The Semiconductor Devices Analyzed

TechInsights acquires the innovative products upon their market release and analyzes the manufacturing processes, materials, design technologies and electrical characteristics of advanced semiconductors. Find the semiconductor devices TechInsights has been analyzed and let us know if you’re interested in the analysis reports.

  • TSMC - 3nm FinFET
  • Micron - D1β DRAM, 232L NAND
  • Samsung - 3nm GAA, D1a DRAM, HBM2E
  • SK hynix & Solidigm - D1a DRAM, D1y GDDR6, 192L NAND
  • SMIC - N+2 7nm
  • YMTC - 232L-Q NAND
  • Winbond - 25 nm HyperRAM

Device Technology Roadmaps

Device Technology Roadmaps

The technology pertaining to Logic, DRAM, 3D NAND is transforming at an accelerated pace to fulfil the needs of various application fields which will necessitate the future development of ultra-high density, high speed and low energy consumption. What technologies will be commercialized three, and five years from now?

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