Unlocking Tomorrow's Semiconductor Secrets

Dive into 2024 and beyond with The Chip Insider®, G. Dan Hutcheson

Join us for an exclusive Fireside Chat with the original chip insider G. Dan Hutcheson as we jump into the heart of the semiconductor industry. From reflecting on the monumental events of 2023 to dissecting the trends shaping 2024 and beyond, this premium event is now on-demand.

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Unlocking Tomorrow's Semiconductor Secrets

Topics of Discussion

Macro Policy and Its Implications on the Semiconductor Industry

Explore how global policy shifts are influencing the semiconductor landscape and what it means for industry players.

Geopolitical Movements and Expected Impacts

Understand the geopolitical chessboard and its effects on semiconductor markets worldwide.

China’s Continued Technology Progression

Gain insights into China’s evolving tech scene and what we can anticipate in the coming year.

2024 Forecast in a Turbulent Industry

Get an exclusive look at the forecast for 2024 amidst the turbulence of the semiconductor market.

The Impact of AI

Uncover the profound effects of AI on the semiconductor industry and how it’s reshaping the landscape.

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Stay ahead of the curve by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and developments that are shaping the industry, empowering you to make informed decisions for your business. Additionally, seize the chance to expand your professional network by connecting with industry peers and experts in a collaborative environment. Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to elevate your knowledge and connections within the semiconductor community.

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About the Speaker

G. Dan Hutcheson, Vice Chair, Senior Research Fellow

Dan is Vice Chair of TechInsights Inc. He is a recognized authority on the semiconductor industry, winning SEMI’s Sales and Marketing Excellence Award in 2012 for “empowering executives with tremendous strategic and tactical marketing value" through his e-letter, The Chip Insider®; his book Maxims of Hi-Tech, and his many interviews of executives.

As some industry leaders have said, “He is the marketing voice and expert for the industry.” “Dan has methodically captured the essence of the industry and produced it in such a way for all to benefit … He has been such an integral part of the industry for so long, it is difficult to imagine the industry without his contributions.”

Dan’s public work on the industry has often focused on challenging predictions of the demise of Moore’s Law that date back decades by demonstrating how doomsayers have been outpaced by emergent behavior through the innate ability of technologists to innovate.

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