SK hynix 96L 3D PUC NAND Analysis

SK hynix 96L 3D PUC NAND

SK hynix 96L 3D PUC NAND

Among memory manufacturers worldwide SK hynix currently holds the 5th position in NAND Flash market share, with 10.3%. They are the latest to release a 9X-layer NAND solution, with the SK hynix 96L 3D PUC NAND.

Development of SK hynix’ 96L 3D PUC NAND flash device followed a similar approach to Intel/Micron’s CUA (CMOS Under Array) process.Apart from Intel/Micron, SK hynix is the only manufacturer to stack memory cell arrays and peripheral circuits. They refers to their solution as 4D NAND because it uses a combination of 3D Charge Trap Flash technology (CTF) and Periphery Under Cell (PUC).

SK hynix claims that their 96-layer device can achieve a 49% improvement in bit density over their previous 72-layer 3D NAND products. When comparing SK hynix 96L die to their previous 72L solution, we see an increase in GB per die, increased bit density, increased page size, higher write speed, higher read speed, and an overall die shrink.

TechInsights is conducting a full circuit analysis of this part. Additional analysis including process and floorplan reports, and more will also be done. Our analysis brief includes:

  • Detailed SSD board and array/periphery die photos
  • Annotated high-resolution cross section images
  • Details of the comparison between SK hynix 72L and 96L 3D NAND solutions
  • Comparison of 96L solutions from Intel/Micron and SK hynix


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SK hynix 96L PUC 3D NAND Analysis

Download our SK hynix 96L PUC 3D NAND analysis, complete with a market overview, annotated high-resolution cross-section images, detailed SSD board and array/periphery die photos, and an overview of our analysis process.

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