MediaTek MT6303P

MT6303P AN10516CW
2.95 x 1.74 - 180nm

Mobile RF architecture is constantly increasing in complexity to support multiple standards, and we are discovering new mobile RF components in virtually every new phone release.

At the time of this writing, MediaTek holds 14% of the global cellular baseband processor market, behind only Qualcomm (45%) and HiSilicon (15%).

TechInsights has compiled a briefing on MediaTek’s recent application processors, mobile transceivers, and envelope power trackers. It includes:

  • Market information,
  • A historical overview of MediaTek’s mobile application processors,
  • Recent MediaTek platform examples,
  • Detailed images of many recent MediaTek components
  • And a listing of recent analysis reports that TechInsights has created on MediaTek products.


It also includes information on what we expect to see next from MediaTek, including a 5G SOC (MT6885), the smaller MT6873, and their 6 nm EUV process, which we expect to see in 2021.



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