Innovator in focus: Texas Instruments

Posted: August 14, 2019

Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments

Are you interested in Texas Instruments’ innovations? They are one of the biggest players in semiconductor design and manufacturing. Last year’s revenue was $15.78B USD, with a 68.4% market share in analog (power & signal chain), and a 22.5% market share in embedded processing (high-volume & connected MCU). In fact, their stock is trading at an all-time high of $120 USD.

For those looking to support their IP initiatives or product development roadmap by understanding the competitive positioning of their device architecture and circuit designs; circuit extraction, structural, and functional analysis can provide valuable technical intelligence or evidence of use that often cannot be found by other means.

Since January 2018 alone, TechInsights has catalogued:

  • 669 unique Texas Instruments components, from
  • Over 448 unique products, found in
  • 55 product types, from
  • 124 product manufacturers

We have performed extensive examination into Texas Instruments products, including a significant amount of circuit and functional analysis on power Management IC, Op Amplifiers and Comparators, and Li-Ion Management IC.

Texas Instruments: Company Profile and Content Analysis Product Brief

Learn more about Texas Instruments’ portfolio, strategy, patent landscape and technology analysis, by downloading the brief.

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