Boris Metodiev

Director, Manufacturing Analysis


As the Director of Semiconductor Manufacturing Analysis at TechInsights, Boris Metodiev is proud to lead the team recognized for setting the standard in the semiconductor manufacturing consultancy and advisory field. Boris’ expertise provides deep coverage in the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain and market analytics such as forecasts, sales, capacity, equipment, industry structure, market drivers, and pricing. He is often quoted in media publications and maintains a busy conference and vendor briefing schedule.

Through his leadership, TechInsights supplies clients with the most thorough, and accurate technical and geopolitical intelligence in the semiconductor industry. Over the course of his career, Boris has covered a range of positions, market areas, and locations which have provided the opportunities to develop a wide range of skills. He has multiple citizenships, speaks multiple languages, and has lived in multiple countries. It’s this adaptability and willingness to learn that has led to his accomplishments in the multinational, multicultural semiconductor industry. He has an inherent ability to connect with clients and pinpoint their issues—to uniquely address their specific needs.

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