Chevy Bolt Recall: A Battery of Problems

Using our comprehensive analysis of the Chevy Bolt, TechInsights discusses the technological and chemical aspects that led to this widespread vehicle recall.

In this eBook, TechInsights’ Ali Khazaeli examines the history of the problems experienced with the battery in the Bolt, including a discussion of the EV market, EV technologies, the composition of the Chevy Bolt battery, and what led to one of the most significant automotive recalls in recent years.

Chevy Bolt Recall

The analysis you need to keep pace with this rapidly growing market

The Lithium-Ion battery market is expected to grow from $31B in 2019 to reach $100 billion in 2026 (Research and Markets) driven by smartphones, electric vehicles, laptops, power storage, rechargeable tools.

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eBook table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. EV Market and Battery Safety
    Provides a brief overview of the size of the EV Market, and some information on the types of events or conditions that may lead to safety concerns with EV batteries.
  3. A Brief History of Chevy Bolt Events
    Provides a timeline of incidents reported related to the Chevy Bolt EV battery, steps taken to ensure continued safety, and the path forward for LG Energy Solutions and General Motors.
  4. Reverse Engineering the Chevy Bolt Battery
    Examines the structure of the battery, detailing the contents of the modules, description of the cells, and provides an overview of the pack.
  5. Battery Cell Structure and Materials
    Provides a closer examination of the structure of the battery cell, including images of an optical cross section and a SEM cross section of the battery.
  6. A Combination of Defects
    Examines what the non-collision events are that might contribute to defects in a battery, and what specifically caused the issue with the Bolt battery.
  7. Manufacturing Simplification and Tesla
    Discusses a path forward for EV batteries that eliminates the potential defects that can be introduced by tabbed solutions, and looks at Tesla battery technology which strives to simplify the battery manufacturing process.

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