FitBit Ionic Recall: Battery Overheating Analysis and the Root Cause

Comparative Analysis and Insights by Dr. Ali Khazaeli (Subject Matter Expert, Battery, TechInsights)

The global smartwatch market is significant. According to Strategy Analytics (powered by TechInsights), the smartwatch market is forecast to be $42B in 2027. Lithium-ion batteries are the typical power sources for smartwatches, but the fact that they must be charged frequently and continuously consume energy impedes their widespread adoption. Choosing a battery that does not meet the power and energy requirement of a product may lead to overheating issues, which may also accelerate battery degradation.

Learn how the battery of the FitBit Ionic was recently recalled after dozens of accounts of the battery overheating and causing users skin burns were reported around the globe.

Authored by Dr. Ali Khazaeli - Subject Matter Expert, Battery, TechInsights (with over 10 years of experience in the development, fabrication, and characterization of batteries for both consumer electronics and automotive), this eBook takes an in depth look at the factors leading to the FitBit Ionic overheating issue by examining the battery structure, charging protocol, and design of a Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. We will then provide our thoughts on the possible root cause of the overheating issue resulting in the recall.

Download the eBook: FitBit Ionic Recall: Battery Overheating Analysis and the Root Cause to learn:

  1. Insight into lithium-ion battery aging mechanisms
  2. Safety aspects associated with charging protocols
  3. Probable root causes leading to Fitbit Ionic's overheating issue
  4. Suggested methods to prevent overheating and enhance safety

eBook Table of Contents:

  1. Background/introduction
  2. A review of mechanisms leading to degradation of lithium-ion batteries output characteristics
  3. SEI layer growth
  4. Li-plating
  5. Reverse engineering the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch
  6. Other symptoms and root cause analysis
  7. How to prevent overheating issue/summary
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FitBit Ionic Recall

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