Disruptive Event

Stratio BeyonSense SWIR Camera

Despite being in production for quite some time, SWIR-capable cameras have been out of reach for many consumer and commercial applications where camera cost and size are important considerations.

The BeyonSense Short Wave Infra-Red (SWIR) Sensor is part of a new generation of image sensors that capture light beyond the visible spectrum enabling imaging and sensing devices to see beyond the visible spectrum and into the internal structure of an object.

The Stratio BeyonSense sensor is likely to be smartphone compatible due to its small footprint and lower cost. The sensor is also expected to help existing markets dominated by conventional image sensors expand to newer applications in counterfeiting, medical diagnostics, pharmaceutical and in agriculture where greater use of image sensors can be realized.

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Disruptive Event - Stratio BeyonSense SWIR Camera

Read the Disruptive Event on the Stratio BeyonSense sensor brief to learn:

What market challenges are addressed by this development

What new applications will be addressed by this sensor

How end-user imaging experience will change as a result

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