Disruptive Event

Samsung 3nm GAA Process

A groundbreaking industry first, discovered in Whatsminer ASIC

Disruptive Event: Samsung's Groundbreaking 3nm GAA Process

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TechInsights has identified Samsung's revolutionary 3nm gate-all-around (GAA) process within the Whatsminer M56S++ crypto-mining ASIC from Chinese manufacturer MicroBT. The significance of this development lies in the commercial use of GAA technology, which facilitates the scaling of transistors to 2nm and beyond. This development is important because it has the potential to enhance performance, improve energy efficiency, keep up with Moore's Law, and enable advanced applications. Unlike their FinFET counterparts, GAA-based devices offer superior control of leakage and drive current, leading to higher operational speeds with lower power consumption. Samsung's proprietary MBCFET technology allows further optimization of power usage and performance.

Samsung claims its first-generation 3nm process could reduce power consumption by 45%, increase performance by 23%, and reduce chip area by 16% compared to 5nm technology, promising even more advances for future generations.

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