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In an era where technological complexity is a staple, the semiconductor industry is continually pressed to surpass power, performance, and scalability limitations. Advanced Packaging and Chiplets are key aspects of tech giants and nation-states' relative competitive and economic advantages.

At TechInsights, we have been closely tracking these developments, equipping leaders across government, IDM, foundry, fabless, and capital equipment sectors with insights that drive informed decision-making.

This summer, we’re excited to launch a content series dedicated to demystifying these technologies. The series will include insights for the C-suite, in-depth market and technical analyses, and considerations for the sustainable manufacturing and packaging of semiconductors.

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Defining Advanced Packaging

Advanced Packaging can broadly be defined as the application of advanced interconnect strategies to the component-level architecture; the purpose of Advanced Packaging is to support performance and cost advancements between the integrated circuit (IC) chipsets and electronics system domains to:

  • Miniaturize
  • Increase performance.
  • Increase interconnect density.
  • Improve power efficiency.
  • Disaggregate System-on-Chip (SoC) designs through the heterogeneous integration of chiplets and sub-components.

Advanced packaging themes include panel-level packaging (PLP), fan-out wafer-level packaging (FO-WLP), 2.5D with silicon/organic interposers, co-packaged optics (CPO), and 3D die stacking using through-silicon vias (TSV) or hybrid bonding with direct bond interconnect (DBI). Also included are the enabling technologies and novel packaging structures used in highly innovative imaging and sensing, mobile RF antenna-in-package (AiP), power semiconductor, and high bandwidth memory (HBM) applications.

TechInsights Coverage of Advanced Packaging Technologies

Advanced semiconductor packaging is more than just a collection of technology elements. It is a strategic approach to meeting high-value applications' power, performance, area, cost (PPAC), value, and sustainability requirements. It's about differentiating conventional interconnect and packaging strategies.

TechInsights Coverage of Advanced Packaging Technologies

TechInsights’ activities are connected through four mutually supportive focus areas:

We’re engaged 1:1 in an advisory capacity with C-suite executives, regularly discussing inflection points, company strategies, projections, historical facts, and issues between suppliers and customers. This is foundational to our own investment in Advanced Packaging as it guides contextual interpretation of industry news and market dynamics, including the effective extension of Moore’s Law. Our market summary content is the story behind the story.

By leveraging our market understanding and analysts’ domain expertise, we generate the end market demand profiles that feed bottom-up forecasts segmented by interconnect method, substrate and package type, lead counts, chiplet type and process geometry, etc. Demand profiles feed our modeling of design starts by process generation and year, and revenue and unit shipments by the processor and chiplet type. Silicon and advanced packaging demand models then enable derivative forecasts for wafer fab equipment (WFE). This market analysis is a key input to the technical analysis target selection and product sourcing teams.

The value of TechInsights’ content is anchored in its privileged view of market dynamics and the synergy with technical analysis of commercialized technologies. Given the secrecy between partners in the Advanced Packaging supply chain, reverse engineering of structures, materials, and process flows is the only practical means of understanding technology insertion timelines. Analysts’ comparisons, dimensional and trends analyses, and enabling technology reviews form the basis of the TechInsights advanced packaging technology roadmap and interconnect scaling projections. The unique view into commercialized technologies provides the raw data to feed our customer’s thermal and mechanical modeling considerations and is vital input to our manufacturing simulator: a cost and price model for packaging assembly and test.

Our fact-based competitive technical intelligence products enable derivative analysis supporting sustainability initiatives that include developing processes and technologies with lower environmental impact. We’re currently modeling carbon emissions for IC and wafer manufacturing, allowing users to compare equipment, processes, and fabrication steps' environmental impact by fab site. We’re investing further to develop carbon modeling for advanced packaging, coming soon in Q3 2024.

TechInsights Delivers Unmatched Insights into Advanced Packaging Dynamics

Designed to equip leaders with the insights needed to make business decisions faster and with greater confidence, this series will explore a number of perspectives, including:

  • Market Dynamics
  • End Market Analysis
  • Chiplets
  • Advanced Packaging Demand Forecast
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Process Flow
  • Thermal Considerations
  • Test and Cost Models
  • Sustainability Carbon Model
  • HBM
  • Hybrid Bonding
  • Co-packaged optics (CPO)
  • Antenna-in-Package (AiP)

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