Leading TechInsights' Analysts Going to CES® 2024

Leading TechInsights' Analysts Going to CES® 2024

Joining the lineup at CES® 2024, TechInsights' premier analysts in Consumer Electronics, Automotive, and Mobile are set to make their mark.

Consumer Electronics Analysts | Automotive Analysts | Mobile Analysts



Consumer Electronics Analysts

David Watkins

David Watkins:
Vice President, Consumer Electronics

In his role as Vice President of Consumer Electronics, David Watkins manages a team of analysts that cover the consumer electronics end-device markets. They provide timely market tracking services and detailed forecasts to help clients benchmark their performance, understand future demand levels, and adjust their production schedules accordingly. His work is critical in understanding the impacts of semiconductors on technology and in predicting what the future device landscape may look like.

David has a strong analytical background and a natural curiosity for how technology can be used for the positive enhancement of human experiences. He enjoys developing new, innovative research programs and working with clients to ensure that they are getting as much value from the research as possible. He is responsible for setting the research agenda across the group and for developing new syndicated research programs which extend TechInsights leadership in the consumer electronics industry.

Previously David spent more than 7 years at Futuresource Consulting as lead analyst within the Consumer Electronics group. During that time, he built relationships with industry contacts spanning the entire entertainment value-chain, including the leading Hollywood studios, broadcasters, CE manufacturers, and semiconductor and component companies.

Stacy Wegner

Stacy Wegner:
Senior Technology Analyst, Teardown

Stacy Wegner is the Senior Technology Analyst at TechInsights’ Teardown division, responsible for ensuring the highly technical data produced by our analysts is transformed into consumable competitive intelligence. Stacy has an extensive background in advanced technology devices, marketplace analysis, and TechInsights products and practices.

Eric Smith

Eric Smith:
Director, Connected Computing Devices

Eric Smith is the Director of Connected Computing Devices research, a key segment for semiconductor companies with some of the fastest moving innovations across TechInsights’ focus. He has over 11 years of industry experience, acquiring extensive knowledge and expertise in the tablet, 2-in-1, and notebook PC segments. Eric has a passion for delivering high quality analysis and data that companies rely on to accurately plan production schedules, marketing initiatives, and performance metrics among many other things. He provides market sizing, forecasting, connectivity trends, insights, and research to vendors, suppliers, operators, investors, and media.

In just a few short years, Eric has risen to having a lead role in client management, sales team support, the advancement of laptop and tablet project opportunities, and the development of junior analysts. Previously, he served as an Analyst in the Connected Home Devices service, primarily covering game consoles and PCs. Prior to joining TechInsights, Eric was an Economic and Political Advisor at the Consulate-General of Japan in Detroit, delivering qualitative analysis of economic and political trends for Japanese diplomats.

Michael Goodman

Michael Goodman: Director, Connected TV Strategies

Michael Goodman, Director of Connected TV Strategies, has over 30 years of experience delivering critical market intelligence and strategic direction for clients trying to navigate an increasingly complex world. At TechInsights, Michael focuses on the end-user markets that form the foundation of the semiconductor industry. He provides clients with strategic insight on the evolution of the TV industry, with key areas of research including TV streaming platforms and devices, OTT video, connected TV advertising, and cloud gaming.

Michael takes pride in his ability to see the big picture and how companies, products, and services fit into it. With every passing year, new Connected TV devices and services emerge that challenge legacy TV services. The Connected TV world, however, is a difficult and diverse market presenting numerous opportunities and challenges. Michael has a passion for helping companies navigate the transformation of distribution, consumption, and monetization of TV and video as a result of the growth of Connected TV. Prior to joining TechInsights, Michael founded Nexus Research Group, a research and consulting firm focused on the intersection of technology, media, and communications. There he provided expertise to top executives at IT firms, CE manufacturers, media companies, and CPG companies.

Nitesh Patel

Nitesh Patel:
Director, Smart Home Strategies

As Director of Smart Home Strategies, Nitesh Patel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to TechInsights, with over 20 years of industry research experience spanning the telecommunications sector, with a recent focus on consumer electronics and smart home technology. Nitesh is heavily involved in the development of market reports, company and product profiles, competitive positioning, market forecasts, and assessing the impacts of innovations shaping opportunities across the smart home ecosystem. He enjoys developing deep and trusted relationships with clients, providing them with insights on the potential growth opportunities for smart home devices within the semiconductor industry, including smart speakers and displays, surveillance cameras, video doorbells, robot vacuum cleaners, smart thermostats, and many more.

Before joining TechInsights, Nitesh was the Director of the Wireless Media Strategies service at Strategy Analytics where he played a leading role in the growth of the department while maintaining its’ relevance, despite a shift in industry dynamics. In this role, he developed a sterling reputation amongst his peers as a strong collaborator and led research covering a broad range of consumer mobile entertainment products, services, and companies, including telcos and device makers.



Automotive Analysts

Ian Riches

Ian Riches:
Vice President, Global Automotive

Ian Riches serves as the Vice President of Global Automotive at TechInsights. Ian has worked for what is now TechInsights for over 27 years and is recognized as one of the foremost industry analysts in the automotive electronics sector. He has spent his entire career dedicated to either automotive or electronics-related pursuits.

In this role, Ian provides leadership and expertise for the team responsible for producing forecasts for automotive semiconductors. The data that the team produces is acknowledged as the “gold standard” and is regularly quoted in investor relations and client presentation materials. They answer the “when”, “why”, and “how many” on multiple levels, from how many electrified vehicles will be produced, down to the role of wide band-gap semiconductor materials in powering those vehicles.

A born storyteller with a keen eye for detail, Ian’s passion lies in helping clients understand the impacts of the changing dynamics of the automotive industry on their businesses. For Ian, it’s not just providing data, it’s about helping clients understand the story behind the data. He credits this to his career path as an automotive analyst; this allowed him to remain well-connected with the fundamental technologies driving development, as well as the economic and business realities that shape the market.

Claudia Krehl

Dr. Claudia Krehl: Senior Researcher,
In-Vehicle User Experience

Claudia Krehl is the Senior Researcher of In-Vehicle User Experience at TechInsights, with over 10 years of experience in the automotive industry as a Human Factors and User Experience expert. She is responsible for delivering insights on emerging use cases, consumer priorities, and experience optimization for in-vehicle connectivity and autonomous and electric vehicles. Having previously worked for established OEMs and automotive start-ups, Claudia has acquired unique insights into the priorities and pressures guiding the automotive industry. She has even had a direct impact on the physical design of vehicle interiors as well as the selection and placement of controls within that space to optimize interactions with technology while driving.

As an experienced Research and Human Factors Engineer, Claudia has a passion for improving the relationship between people and technology. She is highly skilled in eliciting and defining user requirements, quantitative and qualitative research methods, defining HMI solutions, and application of features and targets to vehicle programs. Her strength lies in understanding how to improve the interactions between people and technology and developing solutions that make these interactions intuitive and fun in a safety critical environment.

May Chang

May Chang:
Senior Analyst

May Chang is a Senior Analyst at TechInsights with over 14 years of industry experience. In her latest role, she develops models for the semiconductor industry centering around automotive applications including the supply network between automotive semiconductors to Car OEMs. She is detail-oriented and has a passion for helping clients understand what direction the semiconductor market is moving and why.

Previously, May has worked for VLSI Research Inc. in a number of roles. In the past she has covered the Manufacturing Equipment and Critical Subsystems markets for semiconductors, flat panel display, and photovoltaic industries. She also served as the Director of the Customer Satisfaction Survey and Report, implementing the transition from paper to digital surveys and reports as well as leading global user training workshops in the US, Europe, and Japan.

Edward Sanchez

Edward Sanchez:
Senior Analyst, Global Automotive Practice

As Senior Analyst for the Global Automotive Practice at TechInsights, Edward Sanchez has over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry as a journalist, analyst, and consumer. He has a reputation for being informed on trends, technologies, and companies that could have a potential impact on the automotive space. In this role, he covers the Automotive Infotainment, Powertrain, Body, Chassis & Safety, Autonomous Vehicles and Electric Vehicles services.

Edward enjoys working with clients, providing context to issues that aren’t always easily quantifiable on the surface. His background in journalism allows him to approach new information with a critical eye and identify the insights that would be most valuable for clients. He has covered the light truck market for more than a decade, following regulatory changes and shifting consumer preferences in the space such as engine downsizing, the global growth of the crossover segment, the global shift toward electrification, and its implications for consumers, OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, and charging infrastructure.

Chirag Upadhyay

Chirag Upadhyay:
Senior UX Analyst

In his role as Senior UX Analyst at TechInsights, Chirag Upadhyay has over 10 years of experience researching consumer behavior and user experiences across the mobile devices, connected home, and automotive sectors. He is responsible for delivering in-depth user experience analysis and insights on emerging use cases, consumer priorities, and experience optimization for clients in the automotive industries. He enjoys his work helping clients with questions related to industry trends that can often affect their product road maps and marketing plans.

Chirag has a passion for learning and is fascinated by the pace with which technology is moving and its ability to accelerate innovation. His background in digital animation and production coupled with his experiences as an analyst have given him the foundation necessary to understand and think like both a researcher and OEM. In a previous role with TechInsights, Chirag served as an industry analyst focused on consumer products and provided clients with strategic insight into the key issues related to the connected devices markets.

Roger Lanctot

Roger Lanctot:
Director of Automotive Connected Mobility

Within TechInsights Global Automotive Practice, Director of Automotive Connected Mobility, Roger Lanctot is best known as the what’s-next guy in connected car technology and safety. He is a strong proponent of the semiconductors role in changing the automotive industry for the better. Like a bloodhound tracking a scent, Roger enjoys chasing down the newest technologies, regulations, and hidden competitors lurking around the corner.


In his day-to-day, Roger is responsible for guiding TechInsights research into emerging mobility markets encompassing ride hailing, car sharing, micro-mobility, mobility-as-a-service, and vehicle subscriptions. Roger has a unique appreciation for semiconductors; recognizing that semiconductors are part of everyday life, a part of everything we do and see—though we may not always see them. His work combines primary and secondary research into user experiences, adoption rates, regulatory issues, and business models.

Roger brings with him over 25-years history in market research, consulting, and journalism in the electronics industry. He has a high-level of proficiency in customer service, routinely identifying new research services to help existing clients while establishing thought leadership in a variety of market sectors. As recognition for his efforts, Roger was chosen to be a member of the TU-Automotive Hall of Fame.

Greg Basich

Greg Basich:
Associate Director

In his role as Associate Director of the Global Automotive Practice at TechInsights, Greg Basich focuses on a number of areas, including connected car technologies and business models, automotive infotainment, automotive cyber security, and mobility services, such as car sharing and ride hailing. With over 10 years of experience as an analyst, he enjoys helping clients understand how different technologies move in and out of the automotive industry and most importantly, how to plan for the next generation of products and services.

Greg has a passion for learning about new technologies and the ways in which the automotive industry goes about adopting them. Part of his role includes research into understanding the features and requirements of automotive-grade semiconductors that are used in various automotive applications, such as infotainment or vehicle-related connectivity. This requires understanding the link between the features going into vehicles and how that affects the volumes and types of semiconductors shipping in the auto industry and those semiconductors’ related features. He takes pride in his ability to help clients better understand industry trends through the market intelligence they depend on from TechInsights.

Mark Fitzgerald

Mark Fitzgerald:

In his role as Autonomous Vehicle Channel Director at TechInsights, Mark Fitzgerald tracks the relationships between automotive semiconductor vendors, Tier 1 suppliers, and automakers to the availability of safer vehicles through advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle solutions. His extensive automotive industry experience, over 20 years, has given him the ability to understand the nuances of navigating this constantly changing market. His work with automotive insurance carriers, Tier 1 suppliers, consulting firms, and market research companies allows him to not only identify trends, but more importantly see through the hype generated by emerging trends.

Mark lives and breathes automotive, he is a strong advocate of the idea that with technological advancements there should be zero accidents, injuries, or deaths caused by motor vehicles. In previous roles, Mark’s focuses have included competitive market analysis, forecasting, and consulting in ADAS, as well as automated driving, powertrain control, passenger safety, and vehicle information systems. Prior to joining TechInsights, Mark headed the Global Automotive Technology Group at S&P Global (IHS Markit) and was a Marketing Analyst for Stoneridge, a Tier 1 automotive supplier of electronic sensors and actuators.



Mobile Analysts

Juha Winter

Juha Winter:
Associate Director, Global Wireless Practice

Juha Winter heads up the Wearable Device Ecosystem (WDE) and Smartphone Country Share Tracker (SCST). He draws on some 15 years of diverse experience from ICT and automotive industries, having worked for companies such as Nokia (network infrastructure and handset businesses) and Bosch Car Multimedia (Germany) in global business development, strategy, market analysis, and competitive intelligence roles. At Nokia, he held numerous analyst and strategist roles, acting as the lead analyst for the company’s smart devices business at one time. At Bosch, his responsibilities included strategy development, customer and market analysis, and business planning for the company’s new business area, Connected Mobility. Most recently before joining TechInsights, he was the sales director for an innovative IT startup company focusing on automotive aftermarket IT services located in Helsinki, Finland.

Juha combines his business and technical expertise in serving TechInsights’ clients with quantitative as well as qualitative analysis. He also utilizes his academic research background and insights in the area of mobile business ecosystems whenever suitable. Juha holds a pre-doctoral Licentiate of Science degree focused on Telecommunications Business from Aalto University, having completed the full PhD coursework with publications to his name, as well as an MS degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Helsinki University of Technology.

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