Automotive Video Series: Previewing CES® 2024

Anticipating and Analyzing Top Trends in the Automotive Industry

Automotive Video Series: Previewing CES® 2024

As we step into the exciting world of CES 2024, it’s important to recognize the impact that automotive trends will have on the tech landscape. The convergence of cutting-edge technologies within the automotive industry is set to redefine our driving experiences and reshape consumer expectations. From advancements in autonomous driving and augmented reality to groundbreaking battery technologies and centralized vehicle architectures, these trends not only signify the future of transportation but also present unparalleled opportunities for brands.

In an era where the road to success is paved with innovation, CES 2024 is the ultimate stage to showcase and embrace the driving forces shaping the future of the automotive landscape.

Automotive Video Series Part 1: Autonomy Refined and Augmented Reality (AR) Redefines the Drive

Automotive Video Series Part 1:
Autonomy Refined and Augmented Reality (AR) Redefines the Drive

Explore the future of automotive tech with TechInsights' analysts Ian Riches and Claudia Krehl as they unveil CES 2024 predictions.

Automotive Video Series Part 2

Automotive Video Series Part 2:
LiDAR's Last Hurrah, 2024 Market Shakeup & Apple's EV Power Play

Renowned automotive analysts Asif Anwar and Mark Fitzgerald take center stage to discuss the imminent transformation of LiDAR technology and unveil Apple's pioneering strides in the electric vehicle (EV) realm.

Automotive Video Series Part 3: Centralized Architectures, Generative AI

Automotive Video Series Part 3:
Centralized Architectures, Generative AI

TechInsights' automotive analysts Asif Anwar and Greg Basich offer valuable insights into the anticipated technological advancements at CES 2024.

Automotive Video Series Part 4

Automotive Video Series Part 4:
Post-Show Reflections - Unpacking CES 2024 for Automotive

Hear the analysts reflect on the accuracy of their predictions, their most surprising discoveries, and the implications of all the groundbreaking announcements for the upcoming year. 

TechInsights leading automotive analysts will be presenting a pre-CES video series covering the following trends, which they expect will shape the industry looking to 2024 and beyond.

Autonomy Refined: Full autonomy might not be here yet, but Level 2+ and Level 3 systems are taking the spotlight. Safety and sophistication are the focus as manufacturers fine-tune intermediate autonomous technologies.

AR Redefines the Drive: Augmented Reality (AR) concepts are scaling up, offering immersive experiences within vehicles.

LiDAR's Last Hurrah: The LiDAR market is poised for a shakeup. 2024 could be the final push before market consolidation.

Apple's Power Play: Apple is set to unveil groundbreaking battery technology for its electric car project, reshaping the electric vehicle landscape. What does this mean for firms within the EV space?

Centralized Architectures: Centralized vehicle architectures take the spotlight, driven by advancements from Qualcomm and other SoC suppliers.

Generative AI Takes Charge: Digital assistants evolve with a focus on generative AI, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs).

Automotive Video Series - CES® 2024

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