Automotive Video Series Part 2: LiDAR's Last Hurrah, 2024 Market Shakeup & Apple's EV Power Play

Previewing CES® 2024


Dive into the future of automotive technology with the second installment of TechInsights' pre-CES Automotive video series. Renowned automotive analysts Asif Anwar and Mark Fitzgerald take center stage to discuss the imminent transformation of LiDAR technology and unveil Apple's pioneering strides in the electric vehicle (EV) realm. In a captivating dialogue, they explore LiDAR's impending market shift and Apple's groundbreaking battery technology, set to be a highlight at CES 2024.

As the automotive industry anticipates significant changes, the video series delves into the implications for the EV space. From LiDAR advancements shaping the landscape of autonomous vehicles to Apple's cutting-edge battery solutions revolutionizing electrification, the stage is set for a groundbreaking CES 2024. Join TechInsights in decoding the impact of these technological breakthroughs on the EV industry, and stay ahead in the dynamic world of automotive innovation.

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