Wired & Wireless Connectivity 2023 – Precision and Power

Wired & Wireless Connectivity 2023 – Precision and Power

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In the latest update to TechInsights’ in-vehicle wired and wireless device connectivity technology report, TechInsights forecasts that automotive USB-C demand will grow by 30.2% between 2022 and 2030, driven by the EU mandate starting in 2024, as well as consumer demand for higher-powered charging and data rates. Ultra-wideband technology also gains interest as a more secure protocol for digital key technology, with BMW and Hyundai among the first to market, and Tier-1 supplier Continental offering a hands-free ultra-wideband digital key solution. Efficiency, precision, higher power, and greater capabilities characterize developments in USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ultra-wideband, NFC, and wireless charging.

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