Visibility is low as the storm intensifies

Shereen Vaux
Shereen Vaux
  • Order activity for semiconductor equipment held at a chilly 50 degrees
  • The decline has moderated over the last few weeks with most segments remaining unchanged
  • The December data from the Taiwanese manufacturers was negative across the board sequentially, with the exception of MediaTek which increased 7%
    • However, MediaTek was down 16% YoY
  • TSMC was down on a monthly basis, though they have not had a negative YoY month since May 2019
  • The decline for Subcons accelerated in December, declining 12% MoM and 10% YoY
  • Looking at Memory, Nanya declined 13% from the previous month and down a whopping 65% YoY
  • TechInsights’ CPPI continued to lose ground, slipping 0.6 points in the second week of January
    • DRAM fell
    • NAND flat
    • MPUs flat
  • Production cuts are happening in order to digest the inventory build-up

Production and Capacity Plan

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