Unveiling the Top Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers of 2024

Unveiling the Top Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers of 2024

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For the past 36 years TechInsights has formally evaluated semiconductor equipment companies based on feedback from our customers to recognize the very best in the industry, and we are thrilled to share the results next week!

Recognizing excellence in detailed markets, THE BEST Awards cover a range of categories, including Fab Equipment, Assembly Test Equipment, WFE to Foundation Chip Makers, WFE to Specialty Chip Makers, Assembly Subsystems, Test Subsystems, and WFE Subsystems. Customers evaluated suppliers based on their specific strengths in each category, alongside providing an overall rating.

The 10 BEST Awards recognize each chip making equipment supplier, irrespective of their product specialization. Ratings for Fab, Test, Assembly, and WFE Subsystems equipment are amalgamated to provide an encompassing overview of each supplier's performance.

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