Unlocking the Secrets of Samsung's Galaxy A54 Mobile RF Architecture


A Comprehensive Analysis and Exploration of Key Components

 Samsung's Galaxy A54

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Exciting news for Mobile RF Architecture subscribers! We have completed the analysis on Samsung’s Galaxy A54, which provides a detailed description of RF paths and connectivity of the mobile radio. This analysis covers everything from antenna ports to XCVRs and modem, including RFIC, ET/APT, DC supply, Wi-Fi/BT/GNSS, as well as discrete/passive components. This report serves as the starting point for understanding the architecture of the mobile radio. It references other key components of a smartphone RF system such as antenna tuners, switches, duplexers, diplexers, multiplexers, SiP FEMs, XCVRs, modem, and more. Subscribers can access the full report here.

Not yet a subscriber? Find out why understanding mobile RF architecture is so valuable for optimizing handset RFFE design from Radu Trandafir, TechInsights’ Mobile RF & IoT Connectivity SoC Principal Analyst.

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