Unlocking Insights: SoC Design Analysis Q1 2024 Briefing

Unlocking Insights: SoC Design Analysis Q1 2024 Briefing

Increasing density in devices is the main driver for advanced process nodes evolution, and the number of key events in 2023 made the industry’s focus in innovation for continued scaling evident.

TechInsights presents their first SoC Design video briefing, featuring key innovations in the latest new technologies TSMC 3nm and Intel 4nm - as well as the disruptive SMIC 7nm N+2 – through the lens of digital gates and standard cell libraries.

Furthermore, subscribers will gather insights into the standard cell libraries, the scaling and DTCO techniques used in the CPU, GPU and NPU cores implemented in flagship SoCs, like the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 in 4nm, the Apple A17 in 3nm featuring FINFLEX methodology, and the HiSilicon Kirin 9000s in SMIC 7nm.

An overview of new flagship and cutting-edge SoCs and their Arm cores is also included in the analyst’s briefing, covering a broad set of focus markets such as Mobile SoC, PC/Server/Network, High-Performance AI and Edge AI/IoT.

There will be a total of three SoC Design video briefings this 2024, the first of which is now published and available on-demand to our subscribers. In addition to the narrated video presentation, the presentation slides are accessible on the TechInsights Platform with accompanying transcript. Need more details? Check out the briefing and stay tuned with us to see the latest in technology innovation and design evolution.

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