Unlocking Insights: First PMIC Video Briefing of 2024 Released!

Unlocking Insights: First PMIC Video Briefing of 2024 Released!

Our first PMIC Process Analysis Video Briefing for 2024 is now live. The video can be found here and accompanying slide deck here.

In this briefing we focus in depth on a highly integrated PMIC designed for multi-port charging applications from Infineon, the CYPD7271-68LQXQ. It incorporates an ARM® Cortex®-M0 32-bit MCU, 128 KB Flash, 32 KB ROM, 16KB SRAM and power devices all on a single die with the embedded flash observed to be a silicon-oxygen-nitrogen-oxygen-silicon (SONOS) design.

Scaling of embedded memory becomes progressively difficult at lower BCD logic nodes. SONOS memory is one solution. We look at some of the embedded volatile and non-volatile memory solutions in PMICs to date and roadmap the future direction, including technologies such as resistive RAM (ReRAM) and phase change memory (PCM).

We also continue to catalog notable design wins from leading mobile handsets automotive PMICs and some of the more novel gate driver technology. In this briefing we take a first look at the design wins in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Xiaomi 14 Pro.

From the automotive sector we have observed a new SOI PMIC from Denso within the 2023 Toyota Prius battery control module (BCM).

All our briefing content for power semiconductor has now been updated to this more engaging experience. Please anticipate two further installments in 2024, and also consider exploring the Power Essentials briefings, the first of which is already in progress.

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