Unlocking On-Device AI Marvels at CES 2024

Unlocking On-Device AI Marvels at CES 2024

GeForce RTX GPUs, Snapdragon X Elite's NPU, 14th-gen Core Ultra CPUs, and Ryzen 7040 Steal the Show with On-Device Marvels, Setting the Stage for Localized AI Dominance

Discover the AI buzz in computing: NVIDIA shines with GeForce RTX GPUs, powering on-device wonders like NPC conversations and rapid Stable Diffusion.

Qualcomm opts for efficiency, using Snapdragon X Elite's NPU for stellar battery life, featuring on-device gems like Microsoft Copilot.

Intel jumps in, adding NPUs to 14th-gen Core Ultra CPUs, focusing on background perks.

Unlocking On-Device AI Marvels at CES 2024

AMD echoes the trend, expanding Ryzen 7040's success, gearing up for the mighty Strix Point. Their target? Localized AI for speed, leaving generative AI for the cloud.

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