Posted: January 17, 2018

Toshiba 64L NAND – BiCS FLASH

Toshiba 64L NAND – BiCS FLASH

Toshiba released their 64L NAND solution (BiCS FLASH) in a SanDisk Ultra 3d SSD in 2017. TechInsights has conducted a significant amount of analysis on this product, including the following highlights:

  • Memory density reached up to 3.40 Gb/mm2, which is 40% increased from their 48L TLC
  • Memory array efficiency still kept 70% on a die
  • 64L 256 Gb die size is shrunk to 75.2 mm2 from 105.4 mm2 (48L 256 Gb die)
  • Different NAND cell layouts including 8 strings additionally with one dummy strings for every CSL
  • 19 nm BL half pitch used
  • 73 Gates stacked including selectors, active and dummy wordlines
  • Improved memory peripheral design and circuits

There are many reasons this device caught our attention, and we have conducted a great deal of analysis on it. We are offering the reports defined below about the Samsung 64L 3D V-NAND, as well as information available through our various subscription products and tools.

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