Telecoms Operators Pioneering Use Cases for Generative AI

Telecoms Operators Pioneering Use Cases for Generative AI

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Internally operators have already begun to leverage Gen. AI to automate not only administrative tasks, but also new use cases for network optimization and problem resolution with ‘domain specific’ LLMs (Large Language Model) for their own use. And externally, Gen AI. Use cases for customer self-care, enhanced service operations and secure access authentication are already reducing telecoms operating costs.

Importantly, telecoms operators are also pioneering new revenue generating use cases for Gen AI models that include multi-lingual Chatbots with AI cognitive enhancements, new AI based service bundles, private 5G AI optimized networks, Gen. AI as a telco or hosted cloud service and even custom LLMs ‘as a service’. Many operators are working with Hyperscaler Cloud Providers (HCPs) that operate generic LLMs to fine tune those LLMs for telecoms or for specific customer domains. However, recent experience indicates that is far too costly for every corporate user to fine tune its own LLM. Telecoms players have now begun to work with HCP platforms such as AWS Bedrock or Microsoft Azure to combine Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and fine tuned models at lower cost. LLMs to create lower cost custom AI models. This report describes recent telecoms operator Gen. AI use cases and identifies several pioneering ones.

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