Telecom Predictions for 2024

Telecom Predictions for 2024

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TechInsights' Telecom Strategies Group (TSG) predicts that 2024 offers service providers and enterprise users significant new market opportunities as well as major cost savings and some serious challenges. Major growth opportunities exist for service providers in Edge computing and Generative AI as well as exciting new use cases enabled by 5G Advanced and especially RedCap devices. In parallel, we expect enterprises to redefine the Metaverse and create real Industrial use-cases as at the same time AI automates the accelerating IoT market. New high-volume silicon and optical components will produce both significant RAN cost savings and enable the fixed network benefits to deploy ever faster networking. However, serious challenges await many players in the telecom value chain as operators cut back Capex spending and the rate of growth of Broadband consumer traffic slows.

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