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TechInsights Uncovers Telsa’s Third Terminal

How the Three Terminals in Tesla's 4680 Cells May Hold the Key


Ali Khazeali

March 22, 2023

Telsa’s Third Terminal

Curious about the latest breakthroughs in battery technology? Look no further than Tesla’s new 4680 battery cells. These innovative cells are designed to not only be larger and more energy dense, they also have a hidden feature: three terminals instead of the standard two.

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With Tesla’s innovative approach to battery technology, does this development provide a view to the future of battery innovation?

TechInsights’ Subject Matter Expert, Ali Khazaeli, has the answer. In our TechInsights Disruptive Event brief, Ali takes a deep dive into the potential implications of this groundbreaking feature.

Imagine batteries with improved efficiency, longer lifespan, and enhanced safety—all thanks to the more precise monitoring and control offered by Tesla’s three terminal cells. With improved cell solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) formation and maximized charging current, the possibilities for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, and other applications are endless.

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