TechInsights' Semiconductor Analytics report

TechInsights' Semiconductor Analytics Report

Shereen Vaux
Shereen Vaux
G. Dan Hutcheson
G. Dan Hutcheson

Semiconductor sales fell 9% last week and were off 24% from this time in 2021. The IC weather warmed 1˚F in Temperate conditions. Zooming in on Analog & Power this week, the 13-wk MA is up nearly 15%. TechInsights forecasts Analog & Power sales will reach $117B in 2023 with a Y/Y increase of 3%, coming off a huge 20% increase in 2022.

TechInsights’ IC Supply/Demand held in Tight conditions. DRAM improved to Saturated from Glut conditions. All of the other segments remain unchanged.

Electronics’ Retail Prices are in a bullish rise.

Analog & Power Semi Sales

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