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G. Dan Hutcheson
G. Dan Hutcheson

Semiconductor sales crawled 1% last week, riding 2020 levels. The IC weather warmed 1˚F in Cool conditions. Zooming in on Logic ICs this week, 13-wk MAs growth has been returning to normal, since peaking at +32% the week of November 19 to -36% last week. TechInsights forecasts Logic IC sales will reach $267B in 2023 with a Y/Y decline of -5%, coming off 10% growth in 2022.

TechInsights’ IC Supply/Demand metrics continued to improve for the 5th week in a row, taking overall conditions up a notch from Balanced to Tight, joining Analog & Power. NAND went from Balanced to Tight, while Foundry moved up to Balanced with IDM on the strength of More than Moore. OSAT improved, rising to Loose. But, Electronics’ Retail Prices are peaking before the holidays.

Logic IC Sales Growth Trend

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