TechInsights partners with Cipher to harness ML to leverage patent intelligence to reveal insight about the future direction of the Semiconductor industry

We are delighted to announce the partnership between TechInsights and Cipher. TechInsights is the world’s leading provider of advanced technology analysis and intellectual property services, providing content and services to the world’s most successful technology companies. Cipher’s mission is to enable patent owners to make rational decisions by providing strategic patent intelligence, powered by machine learning. TechInsights and Cipher are part of the community that promotes the importance of patents as strategic assets that underpin innovation and technology leadership within an organisation.
TechInsights partners with Cipher

Jason Abt, CTO at TechInsights explains the importance of the insight locked within patents: “If you can see beyond the single patent and can analyse an entire technology landscape holistically, you can start to see trends and make more reliable predictions about the future.”

How will TechInsights customers benefit?

The partnership with Cipher allows TechInsights customers to understand who owns what patented technology in the semiconductor sector. You can now access advanced technology analysis and insight from TechInsights combined with patent data classified by technology area.

Nigel Swycher, CEO at Cipher says “Working with TechInsights has supercharged the value of the Cipher analytics for semiconductor companies. While market leaders such as Arm have used Cipher for many years, this partnership allows this insight to be distributed more widely across the R&D and technology centres. This in turn informs the product development decisions that will shape the way we live.”

What does the future hold?

Given the publicised supply chain issues and increased demand for chips, the semiconductor industry will continue to be centre stage. Better and actionable intelligence will be critical to the strategic decisions and collaborations of the future.

Jason Apt believes that “our customers want to see what’s going on in the market today, but what they really want to understand is what’s going to happen in the market tomorrow. Patents not only protect investment in technology, but they also teach what others are doing. The core value of the patent system is to be able to build on others’ ideas and inventions. What we see is that patents are a great proxy for what’s happening in R&D across the semiconductor industry”.

About TechInsights

TechInsights is the authoritative information platform serving the semiconductor and related markets. Leveraging a unique reverse engineering competency we reveal innovations in technology products, providing advanced technical and market analysis to organizations to help them make fact-based technology and intellectual property decisions. Over the course of thirty years, we have developed the world’s largest technical analysis library and the proprietary reverse engineering expertise to keep pace with the latest developments in multiple technical industries and disciplines.

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Listen to more thoughts from Jason Apt on the Cipher Vision podcast Semiconductors and IP Intelligence, or watch the podcast trailer below.

About Cipher

Cipher enables the rational understanding of patents by providing the patent intelligence to support strategic decisions and communicate the value of patents both internally and externally. Cipher uses machine learning to automate patent technology mapping. With Cipher you can optimise your portfolio, gather competitor intelligence, model cross licensing, monetise your portfolio, manage your budget, conduct due diligence, tackle inbound patent assertion, manage your patent risk and benchmark your portfolio. More information can be found at

For more information: Francesca Levoir, Head of Marketing, Cipher.

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