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blog-details February 02, 2021     blog-details Sinjin Dixon-Warren

TechInsights Cracks Open the STMicroelectronics MasterGaN2

TechInsights recently completed a full analysis of the STMicroelectronics MasterGaN1. We found that the device contained two identical GaN Systems dies, with 1017-W3V2P4 die markings, wired in a half-bridge configuration with a gate controller die, with U1MEA 2019 die markings. According to STMicroelectronics the two GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) have a RDS(ON) of 150 mΩ and are nominally rated for 650 V. Our analysis indicates that the U1MEA gate controller was fabricated with ST’s 0.35 µm BCD6 process technology. The MasterGaN technology target application is 65 W active clamp flyback power adapters, as discussed in a recent ST presentation.

We have now procured samples of the STMicroelectronics MasterGaN2....

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Sinjin Dixon-Warren, Senior Process Analyst

Sinjin Dixon-Warren is a Senior Process Analyst at TechInsights with over 20 years of experience with semiconductor analysis and is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Power Electronics Analysis. He holds a PhD in chemical physics from the University of Toronto; some of his specialties include semiconductor physics and devices, materials science and surface analytical chemistry.

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